Ibu dan Anak (2000)

Mother and child

In 1996, when I was in the midst of creating the Golekan ceramic sculptures, I was suddenly inspired to add the suckling baby and cradle it in the woman’s right arm, while she was holding a “Sungu/Cempurit” in the other hand. I named the sculpture “ Nyai Cumpluk Netekin”.

During the Golekan Exhibition in 1997, this sculpture caught the fancy of the visitors. As you must have rightly guessed ….I became obsessed with the ‘Mother and Child” theme. The two creatures put me to the challenge of and intense struggle with clay. In just a few months I managed to create six ceramic creations. I named them : “Nggendong Ngarep”, “ Timang Guyonan”, “Mbok Ku”,”Kendedes and Anusapati”, “ Emak E Tole”,” and “Gendong Pundak”. They soon found their way into private collections. Those titles reflect the strong emotional bond between the two creatures, which is not limited only to love, laughter, grief, but also playfulness.

In the ensuing creations, I freed myself of the conventional human form, which resulted in the half human, half mermaid, half deer, or half snake creatures. I went so far as to add butterfly wings and beautiful claws to these creations. I thereby created more freedom for myself. It is Only natural for my creations to move and fly wherever their fancy takes them.

In this exhibition I present ceramic creations that I have created in a period of approximately two years.

Now it is up to you to enjoy and judge my creations.

F. Widayanto

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