Drupadi (2013)

Drupadi Pandawa Diva

Drupadi, consort of Yudistira, the eldest of the five Pandawa brothers, was almost publicly disrobed by Dursasana, a member of the rival Kurawa tribe, after the Pandawas lost all their possessions in a game of dice arranged by the Kurawas. She, and the Pandawas, were spared this severe humiliation only by the interference of the god Batara Darma (Drupadi’s father,) who made her waist sash stretch every time Dursasana pulled at it. This went on for so long that the Kurawa finally collapsed with exhaustion.

Her beautiful long hair hanging down in disorder and her dress in disarray because of the incident, Drupadi vowed she would not wash her hair until she could do so with Dursasana’s blood. She fulfilled her vow during the Baratayudha war when Dursasana was killed by Bima, a younger brother of Yudistira.

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