Golekan (1997)


Is another name for the distinctive three-dimensional Indonesia puppets crafted from wood. Each is distinctively carved and costumed in such way that its appearance and facial expression reflect its individual character.

The stories told during wayang golek shows usually involved episodes from the Mahabarata and Ramayana sagas but may also involve the Panji tales which form part of the culture history of the Pesisir region along Java’s northern coast – and even stories involving contemporary events.

Unlike traditional Wayang Golek figures, however, my golekan are created using clay with a variety of decorative glazes. As with the best of the wooden puppets, mine are also one-of-a-kind . in other words, none of my creation has a twin brother or sister! And instead of retelling ancient legends, they tend to suggest stories about today or even hint at possibilities for the future.

I thought it essential to give Cirebonese names to my golekan because the wayang golek cepak traditional from Cirebon was my primary inspiration.

Hopfully, you’ll find as much pleasure in viewing my special golekan as I had in creating them. Enjoy!

F. Widayanto

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