Narcissus (2007)


This sculpture exhibition has a major different from my previous show in that it features male figures. As with all exhibition, there is an intricate story behind how I came upon the theme.

For 2003 biennale at the National Gallery, I was asked by the Organizer to sculpt human/female figures that exude confidence with their voluptuous bodies . Immediately remembered Narcissus, the youth who fell in love with his own beautiful image, with dire consequences, from Greek mythology.

I completed three figures on that theme, two female and one male, with the titles Nyangkih Nyoyo (uplifted breasts), Bajang Mesuluh (girl gazing in mirror) and Gede Ancreng (high esteem). The titles were taken Balinese; My previous exhibitions generally borrowed from my mother tongue of Javanese, although with liberal manipulation in usage. Since then I have concentrated on Producing work about Narcissus.

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