F. Widayanto

F. Widayanto is currently the most prominent Indonesian ceramist noted for his original and unique creation.Details have become one of his trademarks as he is very particular and careful with them.

Yanto applies a lot of the element from the flora and fauna to decorate his ceramics and puts a lot of efforts to bring out the character and textures of the clay.

The use of rattan, wood, bamboo, metal and ropes to compliment the clay work proves to be a natural blend which reflects the harmonious relations between clay and other materials.

All of Yanto's ceramics are hand-made, from shaping to decorating and glazing to ensure that not two pieces are identical. Every piece Yanto produces is an Individual creation. And that is strength, in which lies his greatest appeal.

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5 May 2015 07:04:08

Pengenalan mengenai dunia keramik bisa juga langsung di lakukan di sekolah - sekolah,
Galeri F. Widayanto juga memberikan kemudahan untuk sekolah yang ingin mengenalkan dunia keramik kepada para murid seperti di sekolah Penabur ini.


5 May 2015 06:53:41

Belajar mengenal keramik bersama Beacon Academy School dan bermain juga membuat kreasi dengan media tanah liat.


19 December 2014 07:25:54

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